Love Song

Let’s go then I say
Far-off hills, the green vales
Line shacks, narrow paths
White horses graze and neigh,
Early summer, the full moon
Daisy, roses, begiona, coreopsis,
We sit on lush green grass
Like two sweet birds
On a bare branch of life
Untouched by full of noise and busy life,
Sing our sweet songs
Eternally float in gentle breeze.
A warm breath mix with each other
A warm drop of tears falls on me.
We set our journey
We make our room
We sing our sweet song.
The white lazy clouds pass
The silver night wanes.
Our gaze, our silent heats finds:
A perfect gratitude with vastness of love to bloom
Our wholeness would be one.
The sunlight rises, the birds chirp
Away, far away we’re embraced
The dark hours of past have gone,
The shame, the jealous mind
I saw in your eyes but now the belief,
I see in you the grace,
We waited for this day,
We’re here flying in our cosy dreams.
Let’s love and be one true soul
Let’s make a relic of phoenix
Let’s come and start new days.
We spend our aimless time
This moment the whole world bends to us
A sense to make a garden of Eden;
This time for us not to regret
But to celebrate the limitless joy
Amid this dense solitude.
We can restore our lost hopes
And full expectations
Our lone rest in this hopeful moment,
There is no loss or gain but a last hope.
The vastness of our hearts
Will make another lighthouse for others.
It’s not to fall down but to gain
We’ll await the days
Now I’m still with you
Let our feelings be true.
Our spirits free from all troubles—
We are rolling into the deep of our bond
We find our relish and leave cold coziness
Our long bid to those cynical days
And only to make a new day:
We have been the wings of love.

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