The trailing clouds of summer
Moving and the dried leaves falling,
The blue air shows nothing immense
The pale flowers are sprawling
And the summer of Eden seems appalling
A long procession of death shudder.

The ragged faces of violent time,
Aimless, displaced, displeased souls
Flee up to the safety, new mould of life.
The discreet world watches their goals,
And another world fails those roles
Or one can comprehend a mistime.

No songs of birds, only those dry voices
Disguised faces, fixed their steps,
Unkept, unfenced are their promises.
A stranger’s movements overtake,
He is anxious to find another yep
Of a land of poise and rejoice.

The deserted hearts find no peace
The Guardian tells tales of daily lives
A tussle for a new existence.
Life under shadowy valley that keeps its strife
With emerging ideologies that make its design
Who can deny another glance of cease?

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