Oh, My Love

Oh, my love! You are so fresh
Like the morning dew, sweet smell
Float in the soft breeze so carelessly
Like an Aurora every morning befell.

So cool in gaze, so sweet voice
Like a cuckoo, so deep in love
And all benediction she offers
I receive from this dove.

Oh, my red rose, white lily!
Full bloomed in early summer,
Hear a soothing melody from her
Like spring, pleasant grace shines.

The sweet lake runs slow under hills
My heartbeat’s rhythm under the rainbow sky
The cold water touches my feet
Drift of white swans, their joyous fly.

I lie on the spot, bathe in the sun
Where the colourful pebbles scattered across
My deity’s glittering spark in the eyes
All day we wander, sing, talk without exhaust.

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