The Sun is in Despair

The Sun is in Despair….
Naimuddin Ansary

The Sun longed with its scattered ray,
To behold bewitching beauty of winged dryad,
In the dazzling dreamland of his eyes.
Alas! the Sun mistook to have a glance on elve,
In the rigid ray of the day in his shelve.
But,amidst the ocean of his sadness,
A Bird blew its feathers of sweetness.
captivating by its flowery feathers and woes,
Spending splendid span of time in sighs
Studying the stunning elegance and the intellect ,
The Sun descends again in utter despair, He has no more time to spare.
And he steps down in the west,
Hoping to rise again only to taste
Happiness of it from a long distance,
” oh my Beloved Bird,your deathless beauty,
Will die when ceases my eyes’ duty.”

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