Words Betray

Words Betray….
Naimuddin Ansary

It’s hard to show you all the battles, Dilemmas and mutinies of the mind.
It’s tough to take you to the cauldron,
Of my feelings,emotions and thoughts.
How can l make you know how many Times,
l recall the enchanting image of you?
How can l ensure you how infatuated l Am,
In the shadow of your bewitching beauty?
When l travel a thousand miles a day ,
You travel doubly in my mind’s bay.
l work hard daily for a meagre income,
But,in leisure time you never fail to come.
Whenever l get delved into the deep dungeon of pain,
A gracious fancy of you takes me to joyous plain.
Many seasons have come,gone and changed in their course,
But you only came and never go from mind’s doors.
Ganges and Himalaya may get deteriorated,
But you will ever remain refreshed.

Till my breath denies to spread.
My words betray to give vent,
Of all of my heart’s content.

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