Routeless Destination

The body-vessel sailing on the seas
Ups and downs with heavy waves

If wrecked all at once and drowning
Being rescued and if being asked whither for?

In simple vague reply manage the name somehow
But oh! horribly cannot say

Where from? where from? how far still?
How to proceed that remaining way?

And alas! even not knowing the mode perfect even,
A sense of fear, of being lost

Is all, shaking from inside
Yet treading along for a routeless destination.

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Pale and bleak the day Leafless, arid path through the wood
A pony grazes
An owl hoots, a gang
Moves fast, a child’s cry
A wretch pops.
Those unfortunate lay
Crowd of ignorance, full cry
Threat was heard and gone.
Fear is everywhere.
Is it the fear of our first cry?

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