English Guidelines

  1. Genres for Submission-
    • Poetry (within 40 lines)
    • Prose (within 3000 words)
    • Short Story (within 3000 words)
    • One Act Play (within 3000 words)
    • Novella (within 3000 words)
    • Articles (within 3000 words)
    • Travel Writing (within 3000 words)
    • Interview (within 3000 words)
    • Essay (within 3000 words)
    • Photo Essay (within 3000 words)
    • Book Review (within 3000 words)
  2. Submissions will be received from Mondays to Saturdays before 5 PM (IST).
  3. Submissions will be published on Sundays at just 10 AM (IST).
  4. Your writings must be original and unpublished.
  5. Weekly submissions will be received through mail or Submission form (Typing in mail body or MS word file only).
  6. Mail id is [email protected]
  7. How to send submissions, please view the sample pages here- Download
  8. One contributor can send only one submission at a time (weekly).
  9. Do not submit works that promote violence, nudity, hatred for race and culture, religion and unnecessary create political debates.
  10. Plagiarism is an offence. Submissions detected with such offence will be summarily rejected.
  11. We request you to check the manuscript once again before submitting it finally. Please double check if there is any inadvertent typographical error, or any inaccuracy related to spacing between the lines, syntax, special indent, capitalization, punctuation marks or use of italics, still left unnoticed.

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