I would follow,
The richest place on the Earth
And will run all the way
From the cold-hearted world
Until my feet stops me.

I would discover,
All the way of Heavenly peace
Not just in the imagination
Not just in the mind
But by joining with my progenitors
Who have been living years there.

I would bury,
All the worldly pleasure
Of my life in that burial
And I want a deep silent sleep.

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Love for Motherland

Blind love for the motherland dwells in every citizens’ heart,
That makes sure to prevent a country from dividing into more parts.
If sons of the nation can work in collaboration with each other to bring a utopian change;
Only then, no one can throw to the nation any challenge.
And if all the nations could also keep the love for each other;
The real peace would cover the whole world in its constant loving repair.

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5 months ago

Death isn’t a permanent solution of problem bro?

Kruti Desai
5 months ago

What a deep notion ! Kishore