Gripping the Night

Gripping the Night

What grips you in the night?
What terror goes unspoken?
Why the tears on your pillow?
Was it a past sin?
A past crime?
A scary omen from wronged lives you have uprooted
Dreams are funny lighthearted things
Until they turn into your worst nightmares!
Begone bad dreams, bring me light
Dreams do not leave us they are with us every night
A well-worn book of memories of past hurts, of times best forgotten
But our heart and soul never forgets, never gives us a break
Humanity is its own worst enemy
What grips you in the night?

Photo by: pixaby

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Ever Wandering Moon

Oh Moon! never moan upon the skies,
As thou are ever present in mine eyes.
So many stars sparkle there with delight,
But l never get mesmerized in their light…


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