I met a soul

I met a soul free like birds,
Full of the beauty of the Nile,
Pure as a kid’s smile.

The price you pay for living in a world
That has no limits, no limits.
I wish you all the best.

I met a spirit full of love and care,
Shining like sunlight.
Silent as the sound of the night.

One thing comes to mind
Do you really, think you know?
Love is like a boat that you believe in.
The lover will only be the saviour of the world.

It can be understood by the heart more than words.
It is a gift from the world,
It will make your fears go away.

I met an Angel putting wings around me to protect me from the world of sin.
A better place and peace of mind.
We will meet once more, I’ll pray,
When all my vices are washed away.

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