I Wished to Espouse a DOCTOR but a CATERER

My body thermal energy
Of terrible state!
Fevered my body with ague!
Go there, malaria fever
Here, yellow jack
You incurred!

I used parasite-cessation net
The insecticide-possessed net;
To prevent anopheles contact
That is considered
The ill-famed carrier of malaria;
But persistently still, my dilemma!

Am I the only being?
Why me only?
What have I done wrong?
That caused all these?
Day and night
I continued
Wrestling with these questions
Without a single answer
Hence, decided I
To espouse a medical doctor,
The action for my reason;
To apprise me of the cause of my dilemma

But unluckily
Espoused a nutritional caterer!
SHE packed in
With her knowledge of nutrition,
Instead of the wish
Earlier I had
That can help my dilemma,
Of what benefit her knowledge
Be to my dilemma?
Kept asking myself
Until when started she
Serving me her luscious balanced diet,
Prescribed to me,
Food suitable for my patient.

My dilemma vanished
At the eating of her served food!
Then I knew
That the food I ate
Caused my dilemma;
Garri for two out of the three-square meals
Suitable for one’s health in a day,
Palm oil/kernel oil mixed with garri and beans
Used to drink another packed garri
In a bowl!
Oh, unbalanced nutrition
Caused my dilemma!
NOW, I know
That there is a clear difference
Between, ‘to know the cause of a problem
And ‘to solve the cause of a problem;
The LATTER I consider the BEST.

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