Lija recently crossed her teenage and now she is twenty. It is the time of lockdown in India. And also there is night curfew. Everywhere roads are empty. Hardly one or two bikes can be seen on the road. On that day, between 9.30 and 10 o’clock at night, Lija was returning from the office on scooter. Her speed limit was about 45 to 50. While driving, she suddenly noticed on the rear view mirror that two bikes having four people were following her. Initially she thought they are employees and they too are coming from their office. They have worn masks properly and had helmets also have some wine in their hand. She was continually driving and ignored them. They came closer and started commenting her. They try to through wine over her. They wanted to stop her by overtaking her scooter but she increased her speed limit. Actually they were not coming from the office they were coming from the wine shop. Her heart beat beating fast. She was very much scared. What she can do she does not know. Then she thought while driving if she calls police then may be the police will be busy in their duty because it is the time of lockdown and of course police will come late everywhere she knew it. Then one idea came to her that if she can call to the ambulance then her number can be trace and they could find her exact location. Then she called the ambulance number and said she is being accident in the main road and immediately she need to be hospitalized. Then the ambulance call center found her location by tracing her number and sent ambulance. Those four guys trying overtake to stop her but she was driving fast. In the meantime, her scooter became puncher. Now she is afraid and many questions came to her mind that what will happen to her. Those four guys came near to her and try to drag her bag, money and cell phone. While this was going on there at that time the ambulance coming by sounding its siren. And those four guys left quickly from there by hearing the sound of ambulance. They took all the materials like bag, money and mobile but she was not worried about that she can get new. She was alive that is important. She thought that if the ambulance could not reach in time she may be brutally raped or killed. She thanks God for her new life and the Ambulance driver and spoke all the story what had happened with her and why she called ambulance.

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Animals, especially the social ones, are the cause of their misfortunes, calamities and poor conditions. This is not their fault, (however), but their vulnerability to deceit, and the following awaken avariciousness in them. They do only focus their eyes on the straight side of an object, but fail to ponder the crooked side of the object. This reminds me of the administrative episodes among animals in the animal kingdom.

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