Cutting the Trauma

Trigger Warning
Cutting the Trauma
(For a friend RPH)
Deep red turns to pink
Mixing with cold water in the sink
With pain, comes needed clarity
Eyes in the mirror seeing my soul
Bleak, barren, red
Numbness pervades my cells
Until the razor bites my flesh
Tears of pain and ecstasy
I feel again
Trauma haunts my waking and dreams
Must be strong, everyone screams
I take care of it with another scar
Of course, hidden in a secret place
Long sleeves, pants not capris work wonderfully
Relaxing allowing the pain
Now for blessed, bloody, lucidity
Feeling-finally numbness has been cut away
Cutting, cutting, cutting, pink water swirling, twisting, down the sink
Should I be ashamed of what trauma has wrought
I will be tomorrow, forgetting the truths pain has taught
These demons that ride my soul
Pinching, searing, deafening pain
Hide it, bury it deep
I only feel when the blood finally seeps
Cutting the trauma, pink water swirling, twisting, down the sink.

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