A Blind Trust Trapped in Belief

A Blind Trust Trapped in Belief
Sometimes people suffer from the over trust of others , in society , on traditional norms and certain existing beliefs in which God is one of the blind trust of many including me. Though it is a matter of believing in Science as well God too at the same extent, sometimes people fail to decide whether they trust in God more than the proved scientific existential world or less than their unproved and staggering perceptions.

This consoling grief proving lasts
Night of dark but to fulfil my expectations
much I aspire from those
Knew who can’t provide a drop remains in haste!

A little focused but of sure attention of consideration many thought remaining in blind trust for the Almighty to whom can’t talk, who can’t be seen and the one who never made any contact himself to anybody. Though it is of complete urge that people interact with that eternal entity with their at most presumptions and fascination.

No worries, you left me Almighty
Felt I sudden remorse trusted you
Suffer a sudden alter
Realized, I am alone with even no cater!

One’s relationship always depends upon the other’s moral support, attitude, and their persuasive capacity to comprehend the feelings and inner conflicts. But it is fact that the Unseen, the Supreme and the Omnipotent who control everything, who created the universe and thus the definite belief that he’ll control and decide everybody’s lives, so mine too.

Enforced in past too
you left me many a time
felt exhausted with no more hopes
But denying for sure the morale of hypocrites!

Experiences in the past for many deadly wars and chaos causes destruction at many places and with illimitable multitudes raise a certain question into my mind to get involved in spiritual devotions or else to get devoid of self-proclaimed denouncement by being Agnostic.

Relying completely on you now & then
I know, you would again leave me
with my utmost yell & clamour
Promise but I’ll earn you again & again!

The only option still remains the Only God, though nobody is sure for, though nobody has seen him, nobody has arrived at any conclusion of his existence, not even scientific experiments or research. There are two things to be believed thus: First that there is certain power which controls and governs the lives and situations happening in the universe, the Second is the Blind Trust which is the same as the Almighty, nobody can see it, can estimate it or can mark it.
“Faith …..Must be Enforced by Reason…. When Faith becomes Blind it Dies.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Through this analysis of trusting something/somebody blindly I find that to prove something, people have to have a reason to acknowledge that concealed reward and hidden gratification of being secured and loved.

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