A Psychosocial Lean to Learn: Was that a Yesterday?

A Psychosocial Lean to Learn: Was that a Yesterday?

People sometimes rely upon their past and experiences which no longer existed in present. But it becomes so imposed on the minds of multitudes, later on proved devastating. Nobody neither forgives themselves nor even forgets their past. This leads to a controversial current situation and its tragic turns.

The word ‘Yesterday’ is significantly meant to leave something behind and welcome a new day but in today’s world it becomes a synonym of Present. We people always keep our past either in our minds or sometimes it goes on and on in our subconscious minds. There is no word to forgive ourselves for anything that we did before instead the time which was loaded with fear and guilt remains with us after many years with the same anxiety as well remorse.

The intention to learn the word doesn’t mean to go deep in etymology but to accept it as one of the need to set one’s morale as lifestyle. There are two things of much importance and value. First is psychological duties & second is physical care. First which deals with the mental health and capacity to adapt changes that keep occurring. The second deals with the physical health that we need to keep strong and maintained.

It is very obvious that people feel that they’re suffering but it’s not a fact. People enforce themselves to suffer, to feel guilty and not to move on. They don’t want to learn to forgive and forget the locked patterns of happenings. Until and unless people will meet a certain failure to understand themselves and needs of mind to live to see self-living with all the possible and available sources of peace and happiness.

When it comes to physical health, we all are surrounded with negative aura, though it’s a matter of beliefs. Many of us don’t even think that there is something existing called Positive Aura and Negative vibe. We don’t learn to deal with the imposed evilest thoughts which others keep striving to make us ill minded and embarrassed.

Consciousness is one thing and accepting somebody without pertaining the challenges on the way to attack with the composure. It’s not all about the matter of people around us but that dreadful journey once we lived in. It’s only we who let our past and people interfere and affect our current life. It makes it too tough to cope up with no visible future.

Emotional disorders play a major role in the lives of fools like us. We people invite overtly those who want to dominate and rule over our minds, decisions, lifestyles and expectations too. So without even knowing these malicious deeds, we take care of their fulfilment and satisfaction.
Many people can’t revert back because of so called emotional attachment. This emotional bond leads to a definite downfall, and this downfall will be of perennial memory for a person.

Physical health is an issue of consideration looking at the routine prompt check-ups according to medical firms but in this world of psychological needs and mental wanting If people will not learn to live without contentment their lives will be meaningless and an unsatisfiable journey to gain, to search, to chase the hallucinate relations.

Truly said by Carole Andrews about Life that:

“It’s a matter of Being Practical.”

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