Dwindled of Commotion

Dwindled of Commotion
While drafting monologue,
I came to face myself & got to realize:

Courage amongst Greenfields,
Holding chaos with flicks
No hopes in Spirit, Wow!
Gone those comfort Folks, How?
Shouted at pseudo honestly
Living Lives in Clarifications
Summon up matters
Hallucinated: muttered fake
but altered shutter much greater!
Games now begin
on surveyed of screwed
Swings agitate
Tightening grips through!
Revealed Justice
in disguise of
Digging Craves!
Monotonous Guilt
Creates Hollowness built
But Shining Only Star
Democracy All through, at least!
Now build to Multitude
A Nation of Warrior
is able to Judge a Gear
Need for an Hour!
Rose up the Strength
No religion can be a barrier
Remains Stupidity in
Just the minds of Individual creeper.
Witnessing the Herald
Leaving Stress apart
Afraid of but ongoing cater of Aghast!

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