Unfortunately, I lost to be a Mimesis!

It was a rainy day with heavy wind while temperature kept falling down at its utmost capacity. I indulged myself in observing and living those beauties lies in the midst of loneliness, nothing could gave me the ecstatic comfort zone like this. But the remorse that panged me inside, I couldn’t bare such a devastating misfortune I myself sown long since. I started finding the alternate peace from the random sprinkles showering on me, made me anxious to incline those notions of existence and efforts to achieve endless satisfaction.

Though the little I have adopted,
I called it mine accept the norm though forgotten,
I charged of being insincere,
Let it be ,thought I , am the only Crayon mere.

Merely thoughts, I seemed them to be useless and of no sense which later on proved the huge waves of venom. People of love with charm and lives turned into monsters to me when I lived the imagined surpasses. The real faces kept lose their shines and charm since I started to observe them with my blind vision.

Virtual sense enforce blissful lost in reminiscence,
But painted colors with artificial apparition,
Taking all as mine, observed all the parameters, seems of no right of care takers,
Realized later, have crossed the measures of bind.

A poisonous notion once get to end, another had always taken into. Trying the hardest core of sense to erase the venture games of chasing the over ambitious goals, I never come across the real globe with the fidel mind and heart. Remorse have never been witnessed on my side but just to wither my missions.

Feigned source replaced with another interpreted mourn & crime,
flying like an Eagle so high,
Forgot worries of fall with no survive.

Then a day came like a radiant stroke that powerfully enchanted flash stones to my mind. It was a reign which started govern me and my consciences brought my patience to a destination. All the loved one who left me in between suddenly appeared before my eyes. But apparently I lost the faith, I lost that faith now for myself. Situational Irony put me in the state of that evil visualization, I couldn’t even think for my guilt nor even feel regret for others.

I am the law, witnessed illustration with deep flow,
A sudden rise leads me somewhere in keen blow,
A blindfolded shine dagger deep into my mind to show,
It has started my Doom’s Day, when I felt that Change Undergo!

I believed that there would be such a path Almighty has decided for me! The only way to reach is to live and being capable of observe, analyse and test the facts and figures with the most intelligent way and not by the conscience of heart or emotions. The only way of existence is to leaving the world without hurting anybody, creating memories for decades, no ambition, no expectations, no satisfaction and no such discontents!

Yes unwittingly, I become the Mimesis,
Menace leads you too to be another Decius,
Any Luck, unfortunately can’t save us from a deliberate Jealous!

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