Passion Impassable

Aei! I will find you
From any shore on the sphere
Albeit you will persist veiled
I will touch the sense of the surmise
That shore with infinite reckon unseen
My heart beats to seek the ultimate destination
In your arms!
Oh! Enamored for you
I will be lost, devoid of ecstasy of sight
Clouds, again, will flaunt in the colours vibe
White would be an obsession
Blue would be fervent
Caprice will be filled with heavenly crayon
Removing the deprivation of dark
Oh! Bring me to the eternal carnation
I will keep sprinkling the sheer drops
Evaporated in a blink
With the vanish of my memories
From you, cold-hearted
Urging you
To be the scripture of empower
Rule like a bird
Free of whims and fancy
Live forever in me
I’ll be your breath
Believe Me the cause to Exist!
Make me your Notion
Be mine. Be mine!

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