Human Life, A Great Ocean

Human life, a great ocean-
With multifaceted scopes to flourish,
Our big creations are but
Like wee water-drops of
The vast ever expanding oceans;
Unknown hidden secrets
Are still ever shrouded under the veil,
Yet not all are uncovered for ever
And not ye all feel ‘undone’!-
Of having nothing left-
In vain crying – all been done !
Swim down under the ocean
Of thoughts with very subtle
Meditative and introspective instinct
And thus find out very little
Bubbles , drifting all around you-
Ever there being invisible,
But perceptible – with heart- sensible
O, my dear, just pick them out
To utilise to the glorification
Of the entire mandom and its mankind
The world will be yours for ever as ever.

Written by Debabrata Das

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