Unfortunately, I lost to be a Mimesis!

Though the little I have adopted,
I called it mine accept the norm though forgotten,
I charged of being insincere,
Let it be, thought I, am the only Crayon mere.

Virtual sense enforce blissful lost in reminiscence,
But painted colours with artificial apparition,
Taking all as mine, observed all the parameters, seems of no right of care takers,
Realized later, have crossed the measures of bind.

Feigned source replaced with another interpreted mourn & crime,
Flying like an Eagle so high,
Forgot worries of fall with no survive.

I am the law, witnessed illustration with deep flow,
A sudden rise leads me somewhere in keen blow,
A blindfolded shine dagger deep into my mind to show,
It has started my Doom’s Day, when I felt that Change Undergo!

Yes unwittingly, I become the Mimesis,
Menace leads you too to be another Decius,
Any Luck, unfortunately can’t save us from a deliberate Jealous!

Written by Kruti Desai

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