Andy found a strange ad:

‘I am a miraculous hairdresser, the specialist of specialists! Once and for all I will solve your problem of unruly hair! You think there is no hope, that you are condemned to the mess on your head? Not! I will prove you wrong. Satisfaction guaranteed!’

Andrzej touched the tangle which he’d never been able to comb.
Maybe I should give it a try, what do I have to lose?

The hairdresser told him to kneel and support his forehead on the countertop.
‘This is a new method, somewhat unusual, but effective! Just close your eyes and we are ready to go’.
Andy obediently closed his eyes and heard a swish.
He opened his eyes. The world was spinning…
His head was rolling on the floor.
‘Shortcut!’, a delighted hairdresser. ‘Problem solved!’

Written by Christopher T. Dabrowski

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