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Sunday Lipi | 11th issue | June, 2nd Week


The Land Mourns

Onipede, Festus Moses

Peace and war now rule our land
Who dares stop their rulership?
The land that is meant to be ploughed
Is now left in the hands of criminals
Their hunting prowess
No more hunts for games,
They hunt for human beings
Whenever one is captured,
They demand ransom;
Whenever the ransom failed,
The innocent blood is spilt
When the air is polluted,
Birds of the air suffered
When the water is contaminated,
The sea creatures asphyxiate
When the land is plundered,
The terrestrial beings are maimed
Where is land for interment
When mass burial is everywhere?
The land mourns

Have we not been told,
That ours is to plough, not to plunder?
The herders turn harden criminals
When they tend their cattle for grazing
The arable land turns to their grazing field
Whoever challenges them,
One bullet he owes them
The blood spills,
The land mourns.

The uniform men are stationed,
At the border areas,
But no arrest could be made;
No impounding of goods
But when the informant informs them
They shoot on land, air and water
Ask what they have achieved,
Nothing to write home about
Their stray bullet,
Forms the ocean of blood
Why will the land not mourn
When there is pogrom everywhere?
The land mourns

The land is tired of their corpses
Or the cadaver of displaced inhabitants
Nobody is left to till the land
The bushy land turns to fallow;
The land ceases to bring forth its yields
No rain to water the land;
Drought takes over
Bloodshed becomes the source of water
When the farmers are no more
Hunger is everywhere
When the land declares fasting
People grow gaunt
The criminals of fortune make it so
When we have nothing to sow
Hunger takes over our soul
The land mourns.

Sunday LiPi

Knocking the Door of YOUR Heart

Kolawole Mathew Ogundipe

The Son of Man,
Keeps knocking the door
Of your heart,
Waiting for you
To open it,
And HE into it;
That your life may receive His salvation
Blessing of eternity in His Kingdom;
So, open your stony heart,
Let Him in;
That He may transform it to fleshy one
Like that of the sheep.

Sunday LiPi

A Parasite

Christopher T. Dabrowski

– Watch out, one is behind you!’
– Got it! – Gruntz answered.
He scrutinized the rubble, but saw no one.
Who would have thought? These creatures were cleverer than the law admits.
He turned the thermovision camera on.
It’s barely alive, I just have to finish it off, he thought, seeing a crawling parasite.
He moved carefully towards it. You never know. During three years of cleaning this planet, it turned out that these creatures are cleverer than they seemed.
They were familiar with the art of tricks.
Their eyes met and he saw fear in the parasite’s eyes. He crushed its head. The brain flew out of the scull.
– It is so fragile. – Disgusted, Gruntz moved his antennas. – And still it poisoned the environment of the entire planet. It murdered so many species of plants and animals!
It was the highest time to eliminate the parasite – a human.

The End

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