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Sunday Lipi | 13th Issue | June 4th Week


Kolawole Mathew Ogundipe

Kolawole Mathew Ogundipe

Ogun State, Nigeria

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Among my kind,
I’m special;
I was unusually born.
I am Ogbanje,
My Ogbanjeness resulted
from the nature of my birth;
I was born once
And reincarnated many times,
My mother had eight kneelings
in this world of productivity.
The first kneeling came and gone;
Her first drawn water
From the river gone away!
Fortunately for her,
The second and third stayed;
But the fourth, fifth and sixth kneelings
Partnered with the first one,
I am the seventh kneeling,
And my mother, in loss of the eighth!
I, a Uniquely Born Species!

Author's Bio: Kolawole Mathew Ogundipe, a holder of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in English (Double Major) and B.A. (Ed.) in English language, was born in Oja-odan, Yewa North, Ogun State; but resides in Owode Egba, Ogun State, Nigeria. He cherishes to be observant of common happenings of life, aiming at penning them for reading. He has published articles in international journals. Also, his poems have been published in an anthology (the Mississippi Books), and in Lipi Magazine.

Sunday LiPi
Christopher T. Dabrowski

Christopher T. Dabrowski


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A lush couldn’t believe his luck. On the lawn lied an unopened bottle.
Raving tingle flurried him, but he went briskly towards his destiny.
As soon as he grabbed the finding, terrible thing happened. From the ground blew off tentacles, which sharpish wrapped around his body. He wanted to shout but one of them crawled into his mouth…
Series of stings. The tentacles sticked into his body, his veins. They injected poison! The lush got flabby.

Unknown to humanity underground being pulled corpse into lair. When he finished meal, filled up an opening and ejected little osiers which pretended to be grass. On the surface stayed only one tentacle – ended with outgrowth resembling a bottle of vodka.
Moscow Masters were delighted of decreasing number of lushes.

Author's Bio: Christopher T. Dabrowski is a Polish writer and screenwriter. His books have been published in Poland, the USA, Spain and Germany. His stories were published in many countries: USA, England, Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, Germany, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, Albania & Nigeria.

Sunday LiPi
Onipede, Festus Moses

Onipede, Festus Moses

Ogun State, Nigeria

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O money! O money! O money!
I never know you
Until I try to have you
Your worth I know through you.

O money! O money! O money!
I toiled throughout the night for you
I search in my home for you
But on my doorstep I expect you.

O money! O money! O money!
Some laboured to have you
But can’t get you
Through ritual they get you.

O money! O money! O money!
To be rich; some need you
In danger they fall searching for you
Only God’s blessings make riches through you.

I have toiled to receive God’s blessings
So that I can have the rest of your mercies.

Author's Bio: Festus Moses ONIPEDE is a doctoral student of English at the University of Lagos, Akoka Nigeria, and a part-time Lecturer at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. He is a researcher. He is from Ogun State, Nigeria. He serves as a reviewer for Worldwide Journal of Research, REiLA Journal, Integrity Journal of Education, Academia among others. His areas of specializations are pragmatics, multimodality, cultural studies, stylistics, and religious discourse. He is also a poet. He has the following poems in the anthology: 'Like a Wildfire', 'Loneliness Not a Barrier', 'COVID-19 We Invented, Corruption We Breed', 'Distance not a Barrier' among others. He is also a writer for Lipi Magazine.

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