15th issue English

Sunday Lipi | 15th issue | July, 2nd Week


Her Distinct PIN

Not attractive her whole life to me,
Not objective her deeds, as I thought;
Pretext, her adoring attitude!
Disguise, her microphone!
Camouflaged mien, her motif!
Packaging activities she likes;
Perpetually she cherishes,
Cherishes patching things,
Things around her dear being,
Patching things beyond their esteem!
She embellishes things,
Embellishing them beyond their nature!
She splashes perfumes
On the rotten things around her!
She lives a life,
A life tantamount to a flash,
A flash on a glitter
That penetrates not the inside
Of the glittered thing.
A life of masquerade she lives!

The Bottled Water and the Canned Milk

In the world of the living,
There exist different categories of people
Some live like bottled water and canned milk,
Whose taste the consumer enjoyed
And when their containers are thrown away,
From there another man picks for his use
So live the human race
When they helped one another,
They expect to be helped back
But in their expectations,
They have been used without compensation
Don’t be used like bottled water & canned milk

Some seek assistance when the need arises
But when they are satisfied,
They neglect the helping hands,
The helping hands
Turned bottled water and canned milk
When they choose them for reprobates
Don’t be used like bottled water & canned milk.

“Life is reciprocal”, they say,
Only exist in the metaphysical realm
They use you when they need you;
They neglect you,
When they don’t need you
A life lived like muppets,
is like bottled water and canned milk
Don’t be used like bottled water & canned milk.

Be your brother’s keeper
But when you are treated
Like bottled water and canned milk
Do apply wisdom,
Because some may use you for their success
Once they accomplish it, they neglect you
Nobody remembers to assist you,
Like a stick used to kill a snake
When the food is ready,
The stick is forgotten
Don’t be a stick,
You deserve part of the food.
Don’t be used like bottled water & canned milk.

In the game of politics,
Many are used by the politicians-
The thugs are their weapons of campaign
And when elected into offices,
The same thugs become criminals,
They will rather not help them
But jail them
Like thrown bottled water and canned milk
What a parasite association!
Don’t be used like bottled water & canned milk.


Country Road goes a gammer. Bald Man assaults Her. He grasps her neck and strangles. The woman drops dead. The metal fan assaults him, he has a knife, slits his throat. Behind the metal fan appears mustachioed smarty. He has a suitcase. He opens it and draws a hammer. He hits the metal fan in the head. He drops dead. The man dumps the hammer and draws from his pocket a mirror. Viewing in the mirror with satisfaction, he sleeks mustachio. A man with a gun appears. Shoots. Then he puts a gun barrel against his temple. Gunshot. Brain splash. He drops dead… A newsreader covered in blood appears. He mops blood from his face. He smiles to us.
– Here, the annual tournament of serial killers “To the last blood” have finished.

She Wore It

Ndaba Sibanda

Her demeanor endeared her
She sang simplicity, her fair fur
Her eloquent love for development
Saw her tackle topics dear and relevant
She was always calm, careful and elegant
When stating the crust of the matter, the elephant

The End

Submission Guidelines

  1. Genres for Submission-
    • Poetry (within 40 lines)
    • Prose (within 3000 words)
    • Short Story (within 3000 words)
    • One Act Play (within 3000 words)
    • Novella (within 3000 words)
    • Articles (within 3000 words)
    • Travel Writing (within 3000 words) – New
    • Interview (within 3000 words) – New
    • Essay (within 3000 words) – New
    • Photo Essay (within 3000 words) – New
    • Book Review (within 3000 words) New

  2. Submissions will be received from Mondays to Saturdays before 5 PM (IST).
  3. Submissions will be published on Sundays at just 10 AM (IST).
  4. Your writings must be original and unpublished.
  5. Weekly submissions will be received through mail (Typing in mail body or MS word file only).
  6. Mail id is [email protected]
  7. How to send submissions, please view the sample pages here- Download
  8. Contributor must send his/her Bio in Third person within 60 to 100 words with picture.
  9. One contributor can send only one submission at a time (weekly).
  10. Do not submit works that promote violence, nudity, hatred for race and culture, religion and unnecessary create political debates.
  11. Plagiarism is an offence. Submissions detected with such offence will be summarily rejected.
  12. We request you to check the manuscript once again before submitting it finally. Please double check if there is any inadvertent typographical error, or any inaccuracy related to spacing between the lines, syntax, special indent, capitalization, punctuation marks or use of italics, still left unnoticed.
  13. Every Month – Amazon Kindle and Pdf.
  14. Every Three Months – Paperback, Ebook on Google Book and Pdf. 
  15. It is mandatory to create an account on Lipi Magazine website with proper information, Bio, and picture so that we can collect your bio from there for the paperback.

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