17th-Issue-English, Sunday Lipi, Lipi Magazine

Sunday Lipi | 17th Issue | July, 4th Week


The Last Supper

– Sorry, both teeth are dead, I have to remove them – Said dentist.
– D-dead? R-remove? – Stammered pale patient.
– Calm down, I will use implants – consoling the patient he was looking for anesthesia. – Of course it costs but he couldn’t help it.
– I-it will not be ne-necessary.
– Without anesthesia?
– please, do yours.
Surprised dentist proceeded to extraction. It was canine. He caught it with forceps. A tooth did not resist. He moved the tooth and it slid. It was oddly long…
Patient looked at dentist strangely.
– – Forgive me – muttered – the Last Supper.
From gum the second, long canine slid. Patient looked at dentist hungrily. He went at dentist and cut into carotid artery. For the last time he slurped human blood.


John Grey

Today began like a heart on fire.
In between there was this hot-cold-hot-cold movement
to establish the fact of me.
It ended like a man with something to bury.
I woke to the sight of a burning house,
instructing firemen where to point their hoses.
Family units are brittle.
I’ve known this all along.
I fell asleep that night like someone on a long, long highway.

There must be something here about love –
no, yearning – that’s it.
In future excavation, you who yearn to uncover
the ancient will find nothing but ancient yearning.
Today, everything moved.
It tried to leave me behind
but I kept seeing me by my side.
By night, I’d made it.
I vowed to teach the light –
teach it something new.
I’m who I am – make of it whatever.
I go beyond the horror of coming clean.
Now, I’ve already dreamed three versions
of what if I were you.
None stuck with m

Unless You Give Yourself IT

No human can give you
the genuine kind of IT,
Because when they give you,
At first, IT seems genuine
due to their hypocritical appearances;
But opposite IT becomes later!

No human can give you
the genuine kind of IT,
Because they are not the author
of IT.
How can one give what one does not have?
How possible is it?
Possible not I think.
No one can give,
Give you true HAPPINESS
Unless you give it to yourself
through God, the author of it.

A Future Builder without Cement

A teacher is like a bricklayer
Who builds houses with cement
He builds minds without cement
But through his pedagogical instructions.

A teacher is like a potter
Who works on clay
He moulds in different designs
Which to every eye becomes a cynosure.

A teacher is like a graphic designer
Who through his designs,
Uses different patterns for different shapes
A teacher – a great designer!

How do I add one alphabet to another?
If not for your selfless service to humanity
Tabula rasa, my brain was
But when I met a teacher, I became literate.

A teacher is like wheels,
That propels a vehicle
If one is removed,
There won’t be mobility
For a nation to develop,
A teacher is needed

A teacher is like a cane
He beats obdurate children to be more serious
He appreciates the serious ones to do better
If I am a professional today,
Ask the great teacher behind it.

A teacher is like a barren,
Who births no children
But has many children under his watch
A teacher is a father of many;
He is a mother of all.

Ndaba Sibanda

Ndaba Sibanda


Love Is Lovelier Than Luxury

His heart has taught Africa and the world
that love is lovelier than indulgence or gold.
One who would rather give money to charity
than live a lavish lifestyle. Incredible maturity.
He made a substantial donation to help build
a school in his home village. He’s kind and skilled.
He once gifted 300 Liverpool shirts to his home village.
He donated $693,000 to fund a hospital. What a privilege.
A rare, young philanthropist, a God-sent football megastar.
Sadio Mane is an extraordinarily modest African superstar.

An Abrupt Urge to Lost!

Kruti Desai

Wow, it began with grays in the distant flight,
Made me wonder if those tiny drops on the deep hight,

Looking back in the loathe of hypocrite
Flashes appears now before my eyes!,

Here is the beauty of Nature,
Falls directly from the Heavens of Light,
It makes me forget this glory of Rainbow crayons!
Now I am lost in the Ecstatic Carnation chasing the Almighty fellow!

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