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Sunday Lipi






Poem by Terez Peipins



The taverna

on the corner street

of Crete,

I sing for the soldier,

my lullaby brings back

mother’s breath,

the distant north.



Wine bottle

sweats droplets,

savour the cool taste,

On the rooftop,

we name planes

flying low to LaGuardia,

Duchess, a bright blue,

Belvedere, fast and short.



In the bar in Queens,

the Irish boy

stuffs poems

into his back pocket.



The Potato Eaters *


Poem by Gayatri Devi Borthakur



The Potatoes are wearing the caps of the civilization. 



The aristocratic society moulds if the caps are n’t there.



 A belch of hunger = Basic need

To wear the caps = The Primitive habit.



*The famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh.





Unfortunately, I lost to be a Mimesis!


Confessional Poem by Kruti Desai



Though the little I have adopted,

I called it mine accept the norm though forgotten,

I charged of being insincere,

Let it be, thought I, am the only Crayon mere.


Virtual sense enforce blissful lost in reminiscence,

But painted colours with artificial apparition,

Taking all as mine, observed all the parameters, seems of no right of care takers,

Realized later, have crossed the measures of bind.


Feigned source replaced with another interpreted mourn & crime,

Flying like an Eagle so high, 

Forgot worries of fall with no survive.


I am the law, witnessed illustration with deep flow,

A sudden rise leads me somewhere in keen blow,

A blindfolded shine dagger deep into my mind to show,

It has started my Doom’s Day, when I felt that Change Undergo!


Yes unwittingly, I become the Mimesis,

Menace leads you too to be another Decius,

Any Luck, unfortunately can’t save us from a deliberate Jealous!



Red on the Flag

Poem by Kolawole Mathew Ogundipe


Blood-stained streets everywhere,

          Precious blood

Of God’s precious creatures

Covered all over the houses, streets,

Market squares and motor parks.

Souls lost every day,

One class of birds against another

Still, the leader of all birds

          Remains silent,

Turning hearing ears

Away from the chaos and violence

Among all birds.

Any emerged Samaritans

Among one class of birds,

Willing to save their class,

Open their eyes in prosecutions

          And troubles

From the leader of all birds.

Any self-willing messiah

That intends to iron out

The chaos and violence

Among all birds

Pours water into a basket.

          And earlier,

Its integral part, the white

          But now,

Splashed with the red!

Colourless flag it became!




Flash Fiction by Christopher T. Dabrowski



            When immortality was invented, great joy reigned. Unfortunately, for a while. Not everyone could enjoy the infinite prospects of life. As it happens, this luxury was reserved for the wealthiest and noble. Only then geniuses joined the respectable group. Well, how can such potential be wasted?

          With time, there was widespread robotization, and immortality became a common good, available from birth. Everybody enjoyed endless life, condemning Death to eternal unemployment. The living kept coming and going, they were born and multiplied like rabbits.

          And they all intended to live forever!

          And only Death committed suicide, thus giving up inborn immortality




Poem by Moses Emehinola



Deadly gentle beasts

Prowling peaceful forest path

Subtly snare the preys.


Strangely silent voice

Only speaking through whispers

Reveals many whys.


Greedy butterflies

Drawn by beautiful flowers’ glows

Fly from plant to plant.





Poem by Ashok Kumar



Who knows?

What’s written for our life? 

Live in present wait for beams bright 

Don’t destroy present 

Why do invite strife? 

He knows what’s suitable for life? 

Why do we spoil valuable tears? 

Work hard, nothing is in our hands; don’t fear 

I saw the poors to be brands 

History is full of tales 

If we enter into ocean why do have fear from large gales? 

Let me see from the dust to the sky 

Challenges are tough;

accept them try to cross all hurdles before die 






Poem by Kapardeli Eftichia


I wander on earth

And the flame of the lamp

In this century that is passing

the white winters it marks


The river that mirrors

In the waters of life

He speaks slowly and whispers

And in the unknown seabeds

It is always lost at dawn


Rose trees

Soft souls, your two closed eyes

They give the return done

Out of virtue and love


The dream carves the sky

And he weaves the stone

The moon is always late

But the fat red pomegranate

Your tender body


Water on a rainy night

Fill the memory with you

You became sound, you became pulse

Praise and treasure

The most beautiful flower

In the icy juice of the earth


Thou Enlighten Thyself from Within Thyself


Poem by Debabrata Das


The night is shrouded with darkness everywhere-

      With nearly nothing to see anywhere,

Floating we still as though on flying something

      Floating- floating and still floating-

But whither we go we know nothing,

     All crowding, fumbling and stumbling

Screaming hollow meaningless and groaning

      With chest swelling all we boasting

And bragging and scheming all the while

        Groaping blindly as all as a guile

In up above the deep dark sky

       The distant lone star twinkling high

Grumbling in grave gracious voice there-

     “Enlighten thyself enlighten with sense superior

Look at thyself in slow meditation, 

    Discover thou thyself even in busy motion 

Thou all enlighten thyself from within with inner sense

    And perceive truths yet unravelled with conviction intense.



You Have Not All


Poem by Onipede Festus moses


When I consider our journey on earth,

Joy runs down my heart,

That I enjoy the right of childhood,

Mother carries me; she nurtures me

And she feeds me whenever hunger comes

I cry but she lulls me to sleep

The more I enjoy; the more I grow older

But as time flies,

You have not all.


When I grow up to be myself,

The opportunities I enjoy cease to be

I then wonder what could be the bane

I decide not to be a worrywart

Father and mother will say:

We have played our part, you can do yours-

This makes me to have a rethink

That I enjoy childhood may be a right

But adulthood comes with my personal efforts

Here I wonder,

You have not all.


Work they say is an antidote of poverty

I toiled throughout the day to bring food to my table

Though not through sanquinolency,

But the more I try to have more,

The more challenging it becomes

Many desire riches but landed in danger

Must I not reap the fruits of my labour,

After I have toiled the whole day?

Must we say again work is not money?

Now I realize,

You have not all.


Many were born with golden spoon in their mouths

They enjoy the goodies of life

What money cannot buy make them weary

The fruits of the womb make them nothing

They search the nook and cranny for help

But no help comes their way

What the mensches cannot get with their riches,

The smatchets get them on a platter

Now I realize,

I have not all,

You have not all,

We have not all.


Seeking Refuge


Article by Ndaba Sibanda


Messages come in many shapes, sizes and colors but what is crucial is how we interpret and implement them.


If friendships, relationships or marriages were scripted like plays and movies, life would not be as dramatic and enigmatic as we know it to be. We write and practice our scripts as we live, love and transition.


I love the sky. How magic it is to marvel at that celestial dome as it towers above the Earth. I begin to visualize daylight and the delight of sightseeing birds and insects as they fly in their sky; l bask in the cordiality and cuddle of the sun, and wander away in a trance into the wonder of the clouds, lightning and rainbows before arriving at the constellations; l then go clubbing with the night and its stars, and the moon (though the stars hog the limelight!); finally l decide to hang out with precious Precipitation’s dear family and friends, l mean lovely and lively chaps like Rain, Hail, Drizzle, Sleet and Snow. What fun! No company beats their watery warmth, harmonies and hospitality, l swear!!


I love the wilderness in the form of wild animals, forests, vegetation, rocks, rivers and beaches. These amazingly beautiful things go about their business despite human intervention. Bravo!


People, the preservation of the universe — which is the natural, physical, or material world—is essentially the preservation of life, and this cause is close to my heart.


I want to go Back


Poem by Subhankar Das


I want to go back… leaving the era of Modern Industrialization in that ice of thousands of centuries,

I want to go back… leaving the air conditioning of this Modern Metropolis in the caves of the mountains,

I want to go back… leaving today’s arrogant civilization to the raw meat civilization,

I want to go back… leaving the glittering restaurant of the city to the hotel in the deep forest,

I want to go back… leaving the modern permanent livelihood to the nomadic life,

I want to go back… leaving today’s modern concrete paved highway to the paved road of civilization,

I want to go back… leaving today’s various stones flying palaces to the burnt brick palaces of civilization,

I want to go back… leaving the ‘arrogance’ of the glittering world to the ‘humanity’ of ancient civilization,

I want to go back… leaving the noise of the city in the solitude of civilization,

I want to go back leaving today’s the competition of power everywhere in the ‘equality’ of civilization. 



Reviewed by Sabuj Sarkar (Editor)

Published by Akshay Kumar Roy (Editor)

Frequency of Publication- Every Sunday at 10 AM (IST)

Duration of Receiving the pieces – Every Monday to Saturday before 5 PM (IST)

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