Love for Motherland

Blind love for the motherland dwells in every citizens’ heart,
That makes sure to prevent a country from dividing into more parts.
If sons of the nation can work in collaboration with each other to bring a utopian change;
Only then, no one can throw to the nation any challenge.
And if all the nations could also keep the love for each other;
The real peace would cover the whole world in its constant loving repair.

Our foster mother, we know is none other than the nature;
Responsibility to save her should be taken as a compulsory matter.
Her love for her children is like a real fond mother,
Thus, we can live our life on the earth happily together.
And if we could take care of her properly,
She might allow us to live on the earth merrily.
Only a mother can pardon her children for her great mercy,
On her love, none should keep any doubt or any controversy.

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