Sudden urge Towards Spirituality

The world is going through a big turmoil. The pandemic has made life difficult and claustrophobic at the same time it has made us realize that its time for a “check mate”. Its time to look inside. This pandemic has disturbed the mental and physical state of every person. The economic market has gone down totally and people are unable to find stability of mind. Around 450 million people in the world are currently suffering from mental turbulence, psychological problems which includes depression, anxiety, restlessness and anger management issues. Have we ever thought on this?
Have we ever considered it an integral part? Have we ever thought that its also necessary to build a healthy mind for a healthy body? Suddenly there is an enormous increase in the n umber of people facing these challenges almost every day. They are seeking help of one or the other medium to fetch mental calmness and tranquility. ‘spirituality’ which means the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul. Why the modern era being so carefree and digitalized is in the need of rethinking on meaning of life and finding solace? A question often arises in our mind but we suppress it by some or thew other diversion. Millions of people in the world has chosen their own way of seeking tranquility which they term as spirituality. But spirituality in today’s time mean getting a way out in this mundane world. It means going inside you and finding the power of your mind. Human beings are also considered as animals but why are the different from other species on this earth? This is because we have a tool which has the capacity to rule and change the world, i.e., “mind”. Sadhguru a well-known figure to shape the future of today’s generation. He is trying his every possible way out to make people realize their inner power. He is teaching people all round the globe the inner engineering which is a way to be lively, joyful, contend yet pragmatic. all this is not because he is spiritually uplifted but because he is very in to the current situation and he believes that we are our own doctors. ‘Sadhguru’ a name to be praised and remembered in this fast life of 21st century. There are number of people visiting his Isha foundation, a foreground for those who thinks this is the time to transgress themselves. His inner engineering course is immensely popular and followed by numerous people and they got benefited from this. Meditation itself makes you feel calm and composed and takes to the state of ecstasy. His concern towards environment is truly praise worthy. He has taken many steps towards the benefit of nature. In his words- “if we do not take care of a few fundamentals of environmental sustainability, the price we pay will be very unfortunate.” In todays world its extremely needed to be conscious about yourself. No one’s opinion should matter to you. We should not escape our problem with diverting our mind rather we should make our mind a kalpa briksha(wishing tree) that will work for us. Diving into a world which will make you happy and contend is what you need to be the alchemist of your own life.
By- Namrota Ghosh Chowdhury

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