A Pretty Prodigy From Binga

she had been written
off by prophets of doom
who define and confine
one based on their whims

hailing from deep down
in Binga, rustic and poor,
the diviners of disasters
looked down upon her

but professors professed
that her sharpness was
on a raised, rare podium,
an acuteness`s stadium,
and her accessories and
clothing were intuitions

on a rump, Ntombi cruised
and danced and devoured
a feast of words, a fashion
show of figures and facts

a studious student studied
like a supermodel catwalking
to high acclaim on a walkway
of elegance and intelligence,
her confidence conferred rays
of sunshine, polish and poise

on the pages of assignments,
exams and heavy cogitations,
she shamed scholarly schemes
and hypnotized her professors

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