Just Her Opinions And Beliefs

She doesn’t intend to be offensively offside,
yet you don’t need to be on Sithabiles side,
She says: you may flag, scare, scold or strangle me,
A mother’s love is a mirror of care, agree to disagree.

Sithabile doesn’t always believe that Love and Sex
are synonymous in spite of that the worldly souls
seem to have applauded, attended and endorsed
their choreographed but contentious wedding.

She doesn’t believe that Holiday always
depends on Hotel for business or survival
but that Hotel eats, breathes and dreams Holiday.
She thinks Holy Day is petulant, precious and personal.

She believes that Good Health and Happiness
are good bedfellows we should invite always
on our dear friends` wedding anniversaries
or birthdays. Please make a date with them.

She doesn’t think that Money and Happiness are one
and the same, either. She believes that if she were to choose
between the two, Happiness would be the ultimate choice,
only if the absence of Money won’t be the absence of Happiness!

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