Knitters Of Narratives & Nonsense

they shape and sharpen them,
they sting, string them together
they waltz & work with words,
they fashion or fabricate words
out of iron by hot and cold
forging them on their anvil,
I see their pads as I peep
into their pens & punches,
they choose and chisel sentences
and lines with hand hammers,
their vises vet verses with verve,
their sledgehammers are the sounds,
sizes & shapes of unconventionalities,
their torching tongues echo an appeal,
their touching tongs trim trimmings

beautiful, bold writing speaks,
it speaks a tireless truth about folks
irrespective of color, culture, creed,
topography and time, for people
sometimes think they can afford
to be negligent & indulgent,
ambivalent & important,
hot & cold , tall & short
at the same time!

nerds have skill and skeins of wool,
yarns of yells, piles of paper & pens
which they weave into mysticism,
magicians of words are motivated,
& creative, crudely so since they carve
words, they seize, squeeze and sculpt
them into a bomb, a beauty, a breath,
a fire, a fuss, a flood, a fit, a fullstop

when wordsmiths do not talk
about word origins, word
meanings, word classes, woe!
word this, word that, worse
than this, wise well of words,
their words wow & wring
dehydration & dull desert
into wetness & wildness,
into folly, fervor,
into a moment,
a monument,
a rod, a riot
a sword,
a world

beautiful, bold writing speaks,
it speaks a tireless truth about persons
irrespective of their places, positions,
for sometimes, people prefer pride
over peace or peace over pride,
melody over malady,
malady over melody

they put ruminations
to paper with eloquence
and ease, wordsmiths wed
and weld words into woes & wars,
joys & jealousies, tumult & tailspins;
word nerds are haulers of happiness,
lovers of lunacies, trailers of therapies,
masters of speech, chefs & tellers of tales,
their drivel tends to be droll, not dull;
their bad etiquettes are needed & nice,
readers claim their nonsense has sense!

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