Joel’s First Week in School

Joel’s First Week in School

Perchance he thought
That school is a playing ground
Where he can play
To the brim of his contentment;
Perhaps he perceived it
As a cinema centre
Where he can watch all kinds of movies
To the brim of his contentment;
Probably also, a notional faux pas
Of him about it
To be a canteen station
Where he can eat and merry
To the brim of his contentment

His first 24/7 in school
Featured with zeal, thirst, endeavour,
Plus to these, sleeplessness;
All because of school and schooling,
As early as 4.30 am,
Woke up he,
Waiting for his gold
To bathe and dress him up
For school; all these,
In the first 24/7
Of his stay in school.

Difficult became him
To eat after dressing up
Difficult became him
To listen to anybody
Difficult became him
To hearken to any other thing
Different from school and schooling
Difficult became him
To play with other toddlers:
All that obsessed his mind,
All these, just in the first 24/7
Of his stay in school.

Diverse history it was
Starting from the second 24/7
Of his schooling ̶
Behind the door,
In the depth of the room,
In the corner of the corridor;
His dwelling be
During the daytime of the second 24/7
Of his schooling:
Hiding and bowing
With the attempt to refrain from school
Has Joel forgotten?
That to have incisions
On the face is a pain;
But the beauty of the marks
On the face, a pleasure!
Has Joel forgotten?
That the start is not a worker;
But only a person who endures it
To the end succeeds
My solemn advice
To Joel, anyway,
Is to be strong to the last
As there is nobody
That gets to the river
And starts shouting of shiver.

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Debabrata Das
7 months ago


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