The Captive

Quite obvious, even confirmed
In the Holy Bible
That one is a slave of whatever
One surrenders one’s life to
Whatever one gives one’s being to
Whatever one submits one’s living to.
Indubitably, be he
The servant of it!

Reminded me of a young man
In his relationship with a lady,
Pity for his ordeal:
He was incarcerated
In the dungeon of his affection
Toward her,
His undue fondness
That made him toiled unavailingly!

A dog that will get lost
Listens not to the hunter’s whistle
Charmed by her ornament,
He ignored the natural beauty
Created for him,
Waiting somewhere else
Ready for his dictation
Loyal to him;
But only this lady
To her tune, he danced
All the time!
And the lady,
An iota of feeling
She had not for him!

A head that deserves,
Deserves a knock will surely
Have it
Turning deaf ears to all warnings,
Became him, the servant of his princess:
He became a mosquito killer
In her room whilst he himself
Was a victim of this agent
Of malaria fever killed for her.
Prepared for her, fried eggs
With bread and a drink
When he himself
Was being famished!

Wandered one day
Looking for her
Before he could eat
Due to her un-notified
Disappearance from home
Appetite lost toward the served meal
Before him on the day
Because of his fruitless effort
To discover her,
Red letter days of unreciprocated LOVE!

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