And Dove Said It!

Animals, especially the social ones, are the cause of their misfortunes, calamities and poor conditions. This is not their fault, (however), but their vulnerability to deceit, and the following awaken avariciousness in them. They do only focus their eyes on the straight side of an object, but fail to ponder the crooked side of the object. This reminds me of the administrative episodes among animals in the animal kingdom. All animals, both mammals, birds and the crawling ones, involve in the administration of the kingdom. Each and every animal, from different parties and different residence (in the water, on the land, at home and in the air) does come out during the processes of choosing representatives into different offices, to represent their parties and their kinds in the administration.

It got to a time of change of government, after tenure and tenure have been fully completed by a set of animals led by Lion, which was the president, as well as the chief executive leader of the administration. Having completed its own two terms in the office, it decided to nominate an animal for the party it belonged to. Therefore, Lion nominated Sheep, and Dove as its running mate in the party. Other parties chose their candidates as well, but after the election, based on adulterated actions on the results of it, Sheep, with Dove, won the presidential seat. On getting to the office after the handing over of power, Sheep was ready to fulfil all the promises they made during their campaigns to all the kinds of animals in the kingdom. Sheep put in place, variety of initiatives that fully catered for the needs of all the animals in the kingdom. “Even though I knew that I got to this office through an impure means, I’m ready to serve my dear country, animal kingdom”, said the Sheep in the gathering of all animals. All animals hailed Sheep for this speech and various programmes it initiated to curb the sufferings of animals in the kingdom; to Lion anyway, was a way of passing one’s boundary, it was one’s intention to start what one can’t finish. “Who sent Sheep what it was doing?”, Lion asked itself. “Well, he who knew how Olúnàgún got to a place will know how Olúnàgún will leave the place”, Lion concluded within itself. About two years later, Sheep was attacked by an undiagnosable plague. Its vice and others tried all their best in order for Sheep to be healed, but their effort was futile. Without prolonging the unnecessary, Sheep died after its blood has been completely drained.  As a result of this, silence dominated the life of all animals in the kingdom. What a loss!

According to the constitution of the kingdom, vice president is entitled to be the president if the office was vacant, which could be as a result of impeachment or demise of the president on the seat. So, after the death of Sheep, Dove succeeded and took over the mantle of leadership in the animal kingdom. Dove, in spite of violence and chaos which are caused by unknown belligerent animals, began to be looking for means of eradicating poverty in the kingdom. Also, on the issue of animals’ safety, it provided additional armed forces, so that there would be full security for them in the kingdom. With wisdom and humility, Dove started some initiatives for the empowerment of the mean animals in the kingdom. Despite the difficulties and delays caused by Lion, its godfather, and an association of some top animals called the beasts; tried all its possible best to cater for all animals. It was all these which Dove did that made all animals to follow it when it was time for Dove to contest for its own tenure, as it has completed the tenure of its boss, Sheep. Its name was being mentioned everywhere every day. “We are voting for Dove! We are voting for Dove!! We are pleased with its time”, did say this, all animals. Because of the shout of Dove’s name in the kingdom, all the parties besides Dove’s party have no ground during the campaigns. Hence, on the day of election, after the votes have been cast, and the results, released; the bottoms of the candidates of other parties were drowned (into muddy water).

As Dove won the election, it continued its good works in the animal kingdom. Though increased a little during its first tenure, it kept the price of the special water that animals use for easy movement of engines with loads and animals from one place to another fixed. They sold it for sixty-five koinms (the currency that animals use for the exchange of goods in the animal kingdom) during that time. Then, price of goods, food stuffs etc. was moderately increased, so that common animals would be able to afford any of those things for their survival in the kingdom. Also, Dove took the living of the youthful animals, particularly the unemployed/jobless ones, into consideration. It formed various programmes from which the young animals could get little amount of money to ease their wretched life in the kingdom. All these that Dove was doing then, was not easy for it because of the pressure exerted on it by Lion and the beasts in the kingdom.

Toward the end of Dove’s first tenure in office, some notorious hooligans with special weapons also emerged, causing violence  ̶  wasting  of souls without any tangible reason(s). “Who are the godfathers of these notorious hooligans? Who are those that support them by giving out money to them, which they use to buy weapons that kingdom’s armed forces can’t withstand at the war front?” asked animals (i.e. common animals) in the kingdom. With all the unpleasant experiences had by Dove, yet it didn’t relent because the well-being of all animals mattered to it; at all costs, Dove strived so that the attitudes of its godfather and the beasts didn’t negatively affect its administration. This was because its godfather and the beasts were fighting for their selfish interests and not the interests of all animals in the kingdom.

Dove’s first term eventually ended, and it was time to start campaigns for the next one. It was quite unfortunate however that Lion turned against Dove’s desire for a second term; all because Dove didn’t satisfy Lion during its administration. Hence, Lion connived with the strong opposition party so that Dove wouldn’t win the election. With the political influence of Lion, all the animals in the kingdom began to turn away from Dove and its aspiration for the second term. All Dove’s efforts to make the unknown things known to its dear animals always proved abortive. “I will continue to indirectly tell them my ordeals in the office; of course, they are wise: if they hear them, perchance they will listen and reason with me”, Dove thought often. But mere looking at the ongoing reactions of animals to Dove, it started losing hope of going for the second term or winning the seat again; after all, the animal which would have been in the best position to convince the animals was the same one which caused its problem. When Dove realised that all animals were not with it, because of their quest for metamorphosis in the kingdom, Dove told them that it has accepted its fate because it knew that the opposition party would defeat it. However, Dove said that when it left the office as a result of defeat, animals would wish that it came back to rule them.

The candidate for the strong opposition party was Tortoise, and its running mate, Pigeon. Lion began to move from one place to another in the kingdom, campaigning against Dove, its party mate and successor. Lion started taking Tortoise, its choice, to the beasts, one after the other. “Please I want Tortoise to be the next president of this kingdom”, said Lion to the beasts. Therefore, the hope of becoming president grew to the apex in Tortoise; having known that its party was the only one which can withstand Dove’s party among multitude of parties that had presidential candidates for the coming election. In the nook and cranny of the kingdom, at the centre, west, north, east and south, Lion did go; mainly and only for Tortoise to get to the presidential seat. “What will be Lion’s gains if Tortoise wins the election that makes Lion to be sweating under its clothes for Tortoise?”, asked the thoughtful ones among animals in the kingdom. But the fact was that no one among animals could answer this question except Lion itself.

“Shout Tortoise, shout its name; say Tortoise, say Oga”, echoed by animals everywhere in the kingdom. Tortoise and its party began to promise heaven and earth to all animals. Tortoise promised that it would be giving five thousand koinms to individual unemployed youthful animals every month if they voted for it and it won the election. It said that good roads, both in the rural and urban areas, in the kingdom would be constructed. Tortoise, on behalf of its party, also promised that things would be sold at cheaper price if it got to the office. Tortoise also promised that the price of the special water would be reduced to fifty koinms during its administration. A lot and lots that words couldn’t describe were the promises of Tortoise and its party! Considering all what Tortoise had promised, all animals fell flat for Tortoise; thereby, decided to vote for it. They didn’t know that a devil that one has known for a long time is better than an angel one just met. On the day of election, animals were rushing out from their various homes like water gushing from a tunnel to vote for Tortoise. At last, guest what, Tortoise won the election! There were jubilations in the animal kingdom because the animal that would meet their insatiable appetite has won, and would soon take over the power from someone like Dove that could not do all they wanted. Dove was the first animal to call and congratulate Tortoise for its victory during the election.

After the handing over of power to Tortoise as the new president of the kingdom, all animals opened their mouths in the air, expecting the promised honey to start dropping into them. Days and nights passed by; still expecting the new change that was about to come forth from Tortoise and its administration. “Tortoise will do it: it will certainly fulfil all its promises”, said by all animals many times. Months upon months passed; a year vanished like the wind! Still waiting for the good administration they perceived through uncountable words of mouth. “It is due to a situation whereby one government handed over to another different government; yes of course, when one leader from a party handed over to a leader of another party, there will surely be delays in the implementation of political activities”, they thought. Still waiting with folded arms, expecting what would happen during Tortoise’s administration. All animals turned themselves to Abraham in the Bible. “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” was the common Bible verse they recited every day!

Gradually, the price of things began to increase. The special water that was left at one hundred koinms with the help of Dove increased to one hundred and fifty koinms. All that Tortoise and its party could say during that time was that they were still paying subsidies on the price of the special water which they used as the major source of income in the kingdom. But nothing was said about the price of other things that increased during the administration. All animals in the kingdom turned all these experiences to a fart inside a masquerade’s costume. Even Lion regretted its action during the last election that was held in the kingdom; Tortoise neither listened to Lion nor respected its political advice and dictation. Just like a dream, a term of four years was about to end. As they used to say, Tortoise and its party were still on the amendment of wrong things caused by Dove’s administration; thereby, begging all animals to vote for their party for a second term. For four years! Animals, at this point, have totally lost their trust in Tortoise. Its vice, Pigeon, had animals in mind but it was not given a chance to provide for the needs of the animals in the kingdom.

Tortoise and its party started campaigning for the second term. Lots of pleasant words from sweat tongues began to radiate the whole animal kingdom. “Vote for our party a second term, we have you all in mind; just that the previous administration couldn’t aid swift implementation of the political plans we have for you”, declared in public by Tortoise and its party. On several occasions, they did tell all animals in the kingdom that they had not implemented ten percent of the planned programmes that they had for them. Based on this, they started imploring animals to vote for them, so that they could continue the undone projects. However, all their persuasions seemed ineffective on animals during that time. This was because an adage says that the Saturday that will be good would be known on the Friday that preceded it. Of course, seeing is believing; someone like Tortoise which was not care about the security and safety of its dear kingdom, what programmes or projects can it have that would cater for the needs of the animals it governs? It was during its administration that the level of the operations of the notorious hooligans was heightened in the kingdom. It was as if Tortoise even supported those hooligans due to how it talked whenever they arrested any of them. All these that happened during its administration made all animals to go against its second term. It was that time that Lion remembered its enemy which was its vice during its presidency. So, Lion nominated the animal called Parrot, the unique animal which could not hide anything secret about Lion during their administration. This was the bone of contention between them anyway. Because of Tortoise’s disappointment to Lion, Lion decided to reconcile with Parrot, and renew everything old and odd it placed on Parrot’s dignity when both of them ruled. Lion went back to its former party with Parrot, and the party accepted that Parrot should be the presidential candidate of the party. With the experiences that all animals have had in Tortoise’s administration, they decided to vote Tortoise out of the office and vote Parrot in, but all their genuine votes that supposed to make Parrot won the election were condemned by what they called power of incumbency in the animal kingdom. Therefore, Tortoise had to congratulate itself after the election. The struggles of animals continue, as their problems aggravate every day during Tortoise’s second term: no security in the kingdom, price of goods increased (e.g. during its second term, the price of special water increased to one hundred and sixty-five koinms), killings of innocent animals every day and so on. The fall that all animals fell for Tortoise during its campaigns in the first term now turned to incurable pains for them, such is life! So, all animals begin to lament every day. They regretted their actions of voting for Tortoise during its first term. None of the animals knows what to do again to solve their problems; all what they do all the time, is the recitation of ‘And Dove said it!’

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