Nemesis of her Life

The man loved her so much
That he could pluck his eyes
And gave to her;
But concerned not
Was her attitude to him.
He did send many of her friends
To her ̶ so that she would
Perceive his feelings
And consider his proposal to her;
Nevertheless, “We are not in the same calibre”,
She said continually!
“I will never join the uncivilized ladies
To lick men’s sweat;
Rather, I like licking their sweet”,
Said often she!
Times went and went,
After what she was selling
To men has been totally exhausted,
She started looking
For a caring husband to hook;
None of the men wanted
A widely broken door under the skirt!
She thus went back to her neglect;
But early to know
That she has given her supper to the cat;
Therefore, she continued living the life
Of a single at her old age!

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