The Beelzebub’s Sight

To man, his wish is fiendish,
He acts, every time, diabolically
in favour of man!
All the time, he is looking
for man’s folly, that he would
Act upon, which, in turn,
Would result in man’s fall,
So that man would fall
in love with failure,
the footing of man’s destruction!

In short and in reality,
Everything about Satan is satanic;
As he wishes man no good at all,
but perfect destruction!
“…for that enemy of yours, the devil,
Roams around like a lion roaring
In fierce hunger, seeking someone
To seize and devour”, is the attestation
to the above description of him
Found in the Bible;
Be watchful thus, in order for you
Not to be washed away from this world!

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