Causes and Effects of Indiscipline among Students

Indiscipline among students is no longer new in our society. It is reflected at all levels of education – primary to tertiary institutions. Indiscipline in schools comes in different ways. These include negative use of social media, laxity on the part of parents, decadence in education, and peer group influence. By definition, indiscipline means a lack of respect for a person. According to Advanced Oxford Learner’s dictionary, indiscipline means ​failure to obey rules and orders; a lack of control in the behaviour of a person or group of people. It could be argued that the indiscipline of certain individuals has reduced the morality and ethics of many students.

What are the causes and effects of indiscipline among students?
The negative use of social media is one of the causes and effects of indiscipline among students. Whenever students watch anything on social media and television, they will surely try it on themselves. Today, we have students that are being born and bred in Christian and Islamic homes sagging, have their hairs tinted and engage in some other bad habits. One could not differentiate between children raised in good families from those called ruffians in the garage. In the same vein, pornography is nothing to write home about. Some students are addicted to pornographic films they had watched, and these affect their dressing codes. You can see on the tertiary institution’s campuses where the female students put on skirts and shorts that do not reach their knees.

Secondly, parents are also contributing factor to the act of indiscipline among students. Parents devote much of their time to work and have no time to relate with their children in terms of moral upbringing. Some of these parents pay nannies to take care of their children while they are away for work. The money they pay these nannies cannot help instil good value in the children. Here, this negligence on the part of parents has led to sexual abuse among the female children. Their children see this as good moral which has ironically destroyed the children ‘s lives.

Thirdly, decadence in education is also an effect and cause of indiscipline among students. The government has not provided the necessary incentives to encourage its teachers to put in more effort. Today, we can see students engage in examination malpractice in both internal and external examinations. Some teachers and lecturers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions respectively, are being bribed by parents or students to help them pass their examinations – both internal and external ones. The question that comes to one’s mind is that: “what does the future have for these categories of students that engage in examination malpractice?” The response may be that when these children finish their studies, they are half-baked and ill-paced. This act of examination malpractice will promote unemployment among them. Many of these students will be victims of evil practices in society. The government, not the teachers, is to blame for the falling standard of education in the country.

Peer group is another factor that contributes to indiscipline among students. Peer group influence could be positive or negative. The negative one is caused by bad friends. This occurs when a student is persuaded to join his or her mate who smokes marijuana or cannabis, sniff cocaine and other hard drugs. Once the students take these hard drugs, the female students among them go into prostitution to augment the money given to them by their parents.

How can indiscipline be curbed among the students? The first solution to the cause and effect of indiscipline is the proper use of social media to avoid being influenced by negative acts. Students should avoid watching pornography on social media and television.

Parents should endeavour to take proper care of their children at home. The book of proverb 22:6 says: “teach a child the way to go so that when he grows up will not depart from it.” Whatever parents teach their children in their childhood will reflect in them when they start schooling. Parents should know that nannies cannot take the place of parenthood in their children; therefore, it is their responsibility to take proper care of their children.

If teachers are given good incentives, they can not be lured by parents of their students to engage in examination malpractice. Teachers should therefore be compensated by the government for the work done. Teachers should therefore try to give their best to students and treat them like their children.

Drug peddlers should be banned from selling hard drugs. They can also be reprimanded and fined. If all these recommendations are implemented, indiscipline will be eradicated from our schools and homes.

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Ajayi Adenike
Ajayi Adenike
1 month ago

Nice write up.

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