Disgrace in Grace

I was born with a golden spoon
But I dine and wine empty hand

Born illiterate I was
But western education moulded me

All the credentials I have
I only pass through the school

The school did not pass through me
‘Cause the etiquette I lack

Wasted are the resources spent on me
‘Cause I won no RACE but DISGRACE

All the papers I got
I labour not to get them
Just ’cause parental influence
Bequeathed them on me
The GRACE I had
The DISGRACE it brought

Many a man was born pauper
S/he had a taste of what I had

S/he laboured to get them
And had a joyous life
Like a barren woman giving birth to a baby
I sow not with tears
I reap not with joy
But those that sow with tears
They reap with joy

Of all I have
Education + plus beauty

-Minus morality equals hellfire
Should this be the end of it all
When my GRACE turns to DISGRACE?

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