Empty Stomach

The sky ceases to shed tears,
The land ceases to bring forth its yields;
The farmers farm famine
Like Elijah did in his day

Yawning and yawning the gas explodes
In the morning I wake to live
But work I must do to live
If I must work I need to fuel my stomach
Like a fueled car engine
But on empty stomach, I live

Work they say
Is an antidote to poverty
How do I labour for sustenance,
When my mouths are sealed with hunger?
No food for a lazy man they say
But I am ready to work
But nothing to fuel my system

I have decided to be a glutton
In the presence of food
But nibbler I become,
In the absence of food
Just to engage in fasting
Gaunt, I look like Nebuchadnezzar’s cow
Queasy I look like a bedridden patient
Just ’cause I have no food

In the land of the famine
People drink their urine
Just to quench their thirst
But when it dries up,
Cadaver littered the ground,
The bane of an empty stomach.

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