In My Dream

In my dream
I saw blood flowing like rivers
”What is happening?” I asked
“The struggle for separation,
Makes things worse” they replied.

In my dream
I asked what caused the separation
“Things had fallen apart” they replied
“Is that the reason for separation?” I asked.

In my dream
Amalgamation is no more the solution
Our people are subjugated
In all political offices,
We are only meant to be muppets.

In my dream
I could only see military men
Working under the guise of democracy-
A milicracy they practice;
The ruling of democracy cum military
But the sword dominate the ruling.

In my dream
Fundamental human rights are taboos,
The pen is gagged,
Moses is arrested
Just by implicating him with firearms
No room for a search permit;
May I know if we are not in milicracy?

In my dream
Secession they believed
For their plan for restructuring
If the crowns are fully ready,
Just to battle the Goliath of our time
Then confab may follow
Just for each tribe participation
And the realisation of the new nation.

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