Nine months you carried my pregnancy

The pains you passed through

Like a metal beaten by a blacksmith

You prayed to deliver of me in America

Though black your colour might be

But you promised to make me a caucasoid

The herbs you drank

The stronger my bone and blood.


Your transportation on the Nile

The sudden arrival in the West

Tell me, my mother!

America you prayed for

But Africa speaks in my blood.


The world welcomes my arrival

When in a foreign land I landed

I searched my identity over and over

What I found is black

As black as the bottom of your cooking pot

My colour differs from theirs

May I ask you:

Wasn’t America you prayed for?

But in America we found ourselves

Tell me, my mother!

I may be invisible in their land

Tell me where I came from.


Back in the ocean of thousands journeys

From North to South,

From East to West,

I found myself in the land of a giant whale

Western education I tasted

From primary to tertiary institutions

I bagged the highest qualification

But unlike in the western world

Suffering comes in

I am a PhD

I searched and searched

Like a network searching connectivity

All I could find is a menial job

The one I wished,

The question they asked me:

“Who sent you here?”

“Nobody but my profession” I replied

“You have to be connected” they enthused

Tell me, my  mother!

From where did you carry my pregnancy

Wasn’t America you prayed for?

You brought me back to Niger Area

Invisible I am

Invisible they see me

If I am not a legitimate son of America

If I am not a legitimate son of Niger Area

Can you tell me about my fatherland?


Tell me, my mother!

If I claim America

Black American I may disguise

But will my colour not disqualify me?

I know I am black

And I am ready to be black

In the land, I can

If my qualifications can’t speak for me

Who else will do it?

‘Cause man knows man’

Is the music everywhere

Of what significance is my credentials

When they can’t get me my shares


My mother, you gave me my right

But the traitor upheld my right

My right I will claim via my fight

I know I am not the one called white

But they all know I am wise.

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