The Hoe and the Cutlass

The Hoe and the Cutlass

What happens to a thick forest,
In the presence of a great farmer;
Does it grow thicker,
In the presence of a cutlass?
No, the hoe and the cutlass do the clearing

No matter how thicker the forest is,
The cutlass will do the cutting
No matter how weedy the farmland is,
The hoe will do the weeding.

If in the fatherland,
The hoe and the cutlass agree;
The weed and the tare,
Need to be separated
From the parrot and the pigeon –
In their altruism disparity,
In the polity of democracy.

What happens,
When the cutlass ceases to cut?
The nation becomes tougher
And lawlessness takes the lead;
Weeding becomes difficult for the hoe
The weeds sprout-
A room for recidivism
And a jungle for breeding species.

You and I need the hoe and the cutlass
Just to clear unwanted weeds in our land
Just to avoid the mamaguying of milicracy-
The marriage of military and democracy
Just ’cause ours is to hoe, cut and cleanse
For restructuring the giant of Africa.

For us to achieve unity
I need the YOU in you
And ME in myself
Just for us to gather,
The togetherness for a formidable nation.

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