Working with Black Hair

There lived a wealthy family in a village called Owógbèmí. The family had only one daughter, called Mary. She had a friend called Rose. They had started as childhood friends. They attended the same primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. They developed a strong relationship.

 After their secondary school education, they both proceeded to the University of Lagos.

After some months, their first semester lectures were about to start but the two of them assessed each other to know if they were qualified to sit the exams. They both concluded that they enrolled in one of the tutorial centres on campus.  It was very hard for Rose to assimilate what was being taught in the tutorial centre because she didn’t have time for her studies. Her course of study, Law, required lots of reading. A mere look at the textbooks in front of her was a challenge. Rose life had changed totally. She started behaving unusually. Her friend, Mary, put priority on her studies. 

A week to the commencement of their first semester exams, Rose started running helter-skelter for help. The sugar daddy that promised her to pass her courses could not help her because he had already taken what he needed from her. Both Mary and Rose sat the exams. It was joyous for Mary when she cleared all her first semester papers but it was very difficult for Rose to pass all her papers. Out of the ten courses she registered for, she passed only six. 

While in 400L, she discovered that her cumulative grade point (CGP) was  1.98. This served as an eye-opener to her. She started relating with Mary just for her to reveal the secret of her academic feats to her. The more Mary tried to explain some topics to her, the more difficult it became. Mary was already a distinction student. Rose tried to buckle down in the remaining semester exams, but it didn’t work out for her.

While Mary graduated with first-class, Rose was advised to withdraw. Rose learnt her lessons and she planned to start all over from another university. In Rose’s never-ending feeling of regret, she remembered that it paid to work with black hair.

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