The Bliss of Solitude

The solitude of the full-moon night And the nightingale’s soothing song Generate a calm and cozy vibe. To the webs of my mortal heart They bestow a solemn sigh.
The birds dancing in the sky; And the clouds floating high – The green hues of the hills, that clustered each other – All but A divine sight. A beholder, In such a melodious plot, never dies.
The cool breeze that pierces my cells And disturbs the hair I’ve set – Comes from the far away valley That lies behind the hills and across the spring.
Under some greenwood tree – when Sometimes I sit and see the moon through The silhouette of the leaves – Creatures, Hitherto unnoticed, crawl up to my feet. The many secrets of nature Is then revealed. Nature is the only ancestor alive Unlike the mortal day, a deceiver That bamboozles me every dusk!
I take pleasure on walking across Some green fields. The fragrance Earth produces and that which comes From the incense hanging upon the boughs – Is hard to resist. To my ceasing days they add life. I feel, not like the king But like an infant born today. I embrace the hills or they embrace me Is hard to say.

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