Suicide Note

I am too much tired nowadays,
Actually, this is a typical syndrome.
I am really worried about that
whether I will be able to survive or not.
Yes, won’t be able to survive.
In this way, my whole night goes away every day.
Every day I win every day I lose.
Things are in the infinite loop.
Nowadays dreaming is also a joke.
For the last 1000 years, I haven’t dreamt…
I am running just running for a ray of hope,
for a ray of Oxygen
In this way in the uncertain future.
Someday my dear you will be waking up with a news,
that I have left the world behind,
I will be there, where we use to go every night,
With our own fairy horses to fetch the golden grass,
I will be waiting for you there my dear..
Whenever you feel bored, you may come to my world,
But there you will get only morning dews,
Acknowledging you for coming here,
But now is it your job to figure out me?
It will take 1000 years…
Still, you’re on my way,

Where am I ???
I don’t know…

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