She bears abuses, period pain
And nine months’ pregnancy
She gives a life to a lifeless body
Feeding milk to keep you alive.

She is often being rejected
As fat or slim, black or white
Virgin or not? but nobody asks
Whether she is happy or not.

She is miscarriage, cheated
and victimized by the society
But after all,
She is the sole owner of the family.

She may betray with this patriarchy
She may have brutally broken
But still has the courage
To destroy beyond repair!

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  1. Nice writing…A strength to feminism….Those are not just words are the dark reality of society…keep it up bro…

    1. Bhai these are the words which Shruti madam always talks while teaching Feminism. Bro how can we change the thought process…we can’t teach everybody. If every man will learn about feminism and understood their problem then thing can change. People just love the idea of educating man about women but when you ask to do it they don’t like it. this is reality bro.