Stop Your Politics My People Are Dying…

It’s so hard to live in lockdown
Nothing is there to feed the empty stomach;
Only the water which is raining from the eyes
What sins have done those Innocent workers
Why politicians snatched their rights away
And let them walk miles and miles on foot
What kind of politics is this?

Doing politics on masks and vaccines
Regular debate in the news channel of it
Politics on them who are now at death bed
Won’t able to stop people from dying
Rather doing all these nonsenses;
Go and help them who struggles for survival
In this great oxygen crisis.

There is a tussle between hell and heaven
To see the scattered dead body on the earth
Graveyard is guffawing in its own way
Ghosts are whispering with each other
As their relatives coming to the home and
Welcoming them with welcome songs!

Is it that Ramarajya?
Where people felt insecure
And also dying and dying every day
Some are killed by corona some by hunger
Just because of your inapt decisions
your quick decisions can be saved many lives
Truth we know, do not pretend
Like you are doing things for saving lives
Stop your politics my people are dying…

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