The Damned Dreamer

The Damned Dreamer

You are the roseate rose and l am the grinding gardener.
You are the sweet honey and l am the busy bee.
You are the tempestuous wind and l am the lonely sailor.
o my fairy why are you so dreary?
Come to me trudging along the flowery garden.
Your garlanded gown ever glistens like catkins,
In moonlit night,your eyes dazzle all sight.
Cheeks are glowing like Rose’s folium is blooming,
Hair blows with wind like Peacock’s precious wings.
Your heart is so fresh and calm as,
The quietness that comes before a great commotion,
Your genuine gentility refreshes my inherent beastly brutality.
Why are you still sitting on grass so,
Sick with your hands on your charming cheeck?
Let me take your head and hands up,
And tread on and on to the fairyland,
You are the only nymph of my heart,
Thus, let You and l get lost there.
You are my ever delightful dream,
And l am the damned dreamer.

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