Thou Enlighten Thyself from Within Thyself

The night is shrouded with darkness everywhere-
With nearly nothing to see anywhere,
Floating we still as though on flying something
Floating- floating and still floating-
But whither we go we know nothing,
All crowding, fumbling and stumbling
Screaming hollow meaningless and groaning
With chest swelling all we boasting
And bragging and scheming all the while
Groaping blindly as all as a guile
In up above the deep dark sky
The distant lone star twinkling high
Grumbling in grave gracious voice there-
“Enlighten thyself enlighten with sense superior
Look at thyself in slow meditation,
Discover thou thyself even in busy motion
Thou all enlighten thyself from within with inner sense
And perceive truths yet unravelled with conviction intense.

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Oh Moon! never moan upon the skies,
As thou are ever present in mine eyes.
So many stars sparkle there with delight,
But l never get mesmerized in their light…

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