Unadulterated Water in a Black Pot

Amazement is in it!
A flamed-battered pot
Containing undiluted water
That does good to the body
Of those that drink it!
Something gold does
Come out of dust!
A person with high prestige
Emanating from a remote area,
At the extreme of His state!
He came out not from
Any of the noble family
Existed in His state
At that time;
But remains dignified
till today:
All the noble people
At that time
Are heard no more today;
But HE exists
In the mind of many!
He chose not to support
Ungodly acts
Even though He lived among
Ungodly people!
He refused to hearken to him
Despite all the estimable promises
he promised Him
If He do his wish!
Temptation of him
Was overcome by Him!
He becomes a deity
To whom countless
People offer their worship
till date!
People cannot do without
Calling HIS NAME in a day!

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